Our Assistant Director

Our Assistant Director

Garth Rempel

Garth has been active in the musical world since the age of five. Piano and rudiments lessons began, and turned into guitar lessons at the age of ten. The guitar quickly became his main love in music. He has maintained an active life as a performer since the age of fifteen, working in a professional capacity in a wide variety of musical styles including rock, blues, funk, and heavy metal to Scottish, Irish, and North American folk music, to musical theatre productions and classical solo and ensemble. He has also worked as a recording artist on several different projects. Garth completed his Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of Manitoba in 2001. Singing is another passion for Garth. He has significant vocal experience as a soloist, a backup singer, and as part of vocal ensembles large and small.

As an educator, Garth has been sharing his passion for music with others for years. He began teaching private music lessons at the age of seventeen. He later redirected that passion to the classroom, and began teaching band, guitar, jazz band, and vocal ensemble after completing a Bachelor of Education Degree in 2005. He is currently running 7 performing ensembles of various styles and instrumentations at Miles Macdonell Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Aside from the performance ensembles of Miles Macdonell, Garth also directs the Winnipeg Youth Chorus with his wife and co-director, Lisa. This is an auditioned youth choir of 50 voices aged 10-19 years. Garth also has a passion for the creation of music. He actively writes and arranges music for performance.

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